Inspired by the Harkness method (adapted by Phillips Exeter Academy as a mode of learning), these discussion-based learning sessions are not guided toward a set of model answers, but rather, they provide participants opportunities to develop and voice out their unique views freely towards a topic they are interested in through discussing them with like-minded peers. We believe that some knowledge is best learnt alone by quiet study, some by exposure to real-life experience, and some by discussing with peers, family and professionals. To speak impromptu in a discussion is a catalyst of articulation and thought. Along with other education techniques, we emphasize discussion-based learning for open-ended issues and critical concepts. We encourage students to learn how to build on others' ideas in order to think and express themselves, instead of simply reciting knowledge.



  • Cultivate the thirsts for knowledge through experiencing the joy of learning

  • Become more aware of problems that the society is facing today

  • Become confident in expressing their own views on controversial issues

  • Experience the benefits of collaborative learning

  • Learn to analyze sources and issues from multiple perspectives

  • With the support of the Agent of Change, all participants will have the chance to watch videos using VR equipment from Oculus powered by Facebook


  • Familiarize with the rules and guidelines for the Discussion-based Learning sessions

  • Give thoughts to guiding questions and draw mind maps fo rthe given subtopic before each session

  • Actively take notes of their thoughts on the issue before, during, and after the discussion sessions

  • Fully engage in mini-games and discussions


Participants are grouped into groups of 6-8 according to their preference for discussion topic and age groups:

  • Junior groups (aged 10-13)

  • Senior groups (aged 16-21)

  • 1-2 facilitator(s) will be assigned to each group to monitor each discussion. Senior groups will be introduced to Design Thinking by their facilitators.